Winter Squash

The 2014 winter squashes are just about ready. Check on facebook for latest pictures and updates.

Pumpkin Variety Description  2014 Notes
Baby Pam Flesh is dry and slightly sweet, for eating. Orange skin, smooth, 4lb 60, great yield
Racer Plus Decorative, for jack o’lantern. 14-18lb 40, good yield
Valenciano All white decorative pumpkin. Flattened, 11-15″ diameter, 6-8″ tall.  failed
Long Island Cheese Heirloom from Long Island for eating. Flattened, tan and ribbed. 6-10lb 7, low yield
Musquee de provence French heirloom for eating. Deeply ribbed, dark tan. 8-15lb 4, low yield
Winter luxury Old variety with netted skin. For eating and unique decoration. Orange 5-7lb 20, good yield
Australian butter Heirloom from Australia for eating. Light orange, drum-shape. Tan, thick walled 7-15lb 1, low yield
Amish pie Amish heirloom for eating. Light orange. Tan, 60-80lb 1, low yield
Marina di Chioggia Italian heirloom pumpkin for eating. Green, bumpy 10-12lb 1, low yield
Winter Squash Varieties Description  low yield
Sweet dumpling delicata type, flattened round shape with deep ribs, 1lb 50, great yield
Spaghetti squash Yellow, smooth oval shape. Stringy, can serve like spaghetti. 70, great yield
Waltham Butternut butternut 3, low yield
PA Dutch Crookneck butternut type with long rounded neck, 10-20lb 7, low yield
Tuffy acorn, dark green, 2lb. 60, great yield
Thelma Sanders acorn type, tan, 2-4lbs 30, good yield
Guatemalan blue banana type. dark blue banana type, w/stripe 20in long, 5lb 3, low yield
Jumbo Pink Banana banana type, pink skin 10-40lb 2, low yield
Blue Hubbard Very large, hard skin, light blue color, tear-drop shape, 15-30lb 40, great yield
Blue Ballet Small version of blue hubbard, 5-8lb failed
Anna Swartz Small hubbard type. Dark green w/stripe 5-8lb 25, good yield
Potimarron Baby hubbard type. French heirloom for eating. Orange, tear shape, 3-4lb 10, low yield
Burgess Buttercup dark green, drum shape. 5-8diameter, 3-5lb failed
Orange Dawn  F1 Hybird, pink orange skin with stripes, 2-4lb 50, great yield
Boston Marrow hubbard, red orange 10-20lb 10, low yield. mostly eaten by woodchucks

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