All In The Allium Family


Spring Planted Garlic after 1 week

Day-am that was fast! Last week’s spring-planted garlic is popping up unabashedly. This time there is proper spacing between the plants. I contemplated popping out every other garlic bulb and replanting, but another allium needed a new home.


Chives in the Perennial Herb Garden

There were enough chives that survived a field disking and sprouted. We dug them up, and moved it to the new perennial herb garden.

We seeded 6 rows of cipollini onions last week, and I am hoping for it to germinate even with the low nighttime temperatures. Onions form bulbs based on day length.  The farther away from the equator, the longer the days get toward summer. Closer to the equator, the summer days do not vary much, and short-day onions requiring 10-12 hours are planted. The greens have to be lush enough to support proper bulb formation. At 41 degrees 25 minutes, we use long-day type onions that require 14-16 hours.  There are also day-neutral types that start forming bulbs with 12-14 hour day length.

Shallots. Have you ever wondered why shallots are so expensive? Hmmm, have seed, will plant.  Production guide for growing organic alliums.

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