Every weekend, I note new seeds that should be planted, and a second sowing of strong germinating varieties. When I step on the farm and do a walkabout, the need to weed becomes a much higher priority. There’s weeding of the entire row, weeding between plants, and thinning plants. Some of the herbs are beginning to flower, so they need to be trimmed to encourage bushier growth. Now add harvesting to the list and the priorities really get messed up. Dan does the tractor prep work on unplanted fields to get it ready for seeding, but planting becomes the lowest priority.

Bok Choy, Heat Tolerant

Bok Choy “Mei qing choi”

Since our first planting on Apr 19, there’s been a lot of hurry up and wait. Wait for last frost, wait for warmer days, wait for the seedlings to germinate, wait for sun, wait for rain. So waited we did, and 7 weeks later, those early brassicas are ready! Bok choy variety “mei qing choi” are about 6″ tall. They were hand sown a little closely, and never received flea beetle protection with floating row covers, nor hand thinning and weeding. Not too shabby I’d say. According to the seed catalogue, these can be seeded from early spring to mid-summer. Succession planting every few weeks generates a continual supply of vegetables. We may have a couple more chances with brassicas.

Bok Choy "Tatsoi"

Tatsoi, Better Luck Next Sowing


Carrots Growing Close

Carrots “Nectar” mature at about 72 days, which puts us about 2 weeks away. They weren’t thinned, so root growth might be on the skinny side. The one time I tilled weeds next to the path seemed to have staved off some nearby weeds.

Lemon Cucumber

Lemon Cucumber Seedling

Some farm visitors helped to seed the Lemon cucumbers a few weeks ago and the seedlings are coming on strong. The warmer days are really helping the cucurbit family germinate.

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