Do Be Snappy About It

I had my doubts about the timing of sugar snap peas, but ladies and gents, here they are. They are 4 feet high, and still have a couple more to go. The flower pairs on side shoots grow into the peas – are flat when young, and then plump up quickly.

Sugar Snap Peas, Right On Time

Sugar Snap Peas, Right On Time

The potato plants are starting to flower despite the weed pressure. Although it was on my hand-weed list, I never made it into this field.


Flowering Potato

The green beans grow as a bush rather than as a vine. They are easier to grow, but don’t produce as long as the snap peas. The row behind is a vining-type long bean, popular in many asian cuisine. I will need to put up more stakes and trellis very soon. We love green beans but won’t be able to pick every other day, so our harvest may be lighter than the full  capacity.


Green Beans

With some help from friends this morning, a lot of the winter squashes were hand weeded. Pumpkins were the first to be planted and were growing quite well. Some of the other squashes are still quite small due to the relatively cool nights we’ve been having.



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