Treasure Map Required

After last week’s pumpkin discovery and subsequent consultation with the almighty but unheeded Excel Master Plan of 2014, we did a winter squash walkthrough. The weeds there were high and mighty (not referring to Colorado, don’t get too excited). But the winter squash are there, rolling under my foot as I trip over extensive vines and leaf.

Acorn Squash

Acorn Squash “Tuffy”, with Giant Amanranth


Blue Hubbard

I will mow some aisles to allow sunlight in to help the plants a bit. This will run over some fruits and plants, but will help a larger number of plants. Note to self, print large-font map and tape to tractor. Next year, I have 2 options, plant them closer or plant them farther. Closer means less weeds, farther means more tractor maneuverability. Farming is such a dichotomous endeavor.


Small Spaghetti Squash?

In these outer fields, groundhogs are free to enjoy on-the-vine feasting without fear of interruption.


Groundhog Diner Now Open

Next time, with the treasure map, I will figure out what this actually is.

Tomatoes continue to ripen. We are up to about 30 pounds per weekend. Dan covered the ground beneath these tomatoes with black agricultural plastic to suppress weeds and it is a genius tactic. No weeds, nice soft landing, no excess moisture, no rotting fruit, no molding leaves!

Ripening Tomatoes

Ripening Tomatoes

Trellis experiment for cucumbers bearing fruit is turning out well. Next year, I will couple that with black plastic at the base and wider rows, we might be able to have a decent and safe pick-your-own tomatos and cucumbers!

Cucumber Growing Where It Should

Cucumber Growing Where It Should

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