Ditch Lesson 2

A small shallow ditch
Lies in wait abiding time
For its tractor friend010011

Everyone is safe, but the tractor operator (Dan) learned a valuable lesson that has been passed down through the farming community for eons – stay far away from the ditches. We threw lots of things at the problem – cinder blocks under the wheels, long wood boards, wood stakes, heavy duty chains hitched to the SUV. But it would only sink deeper into the rain-drenched soil.

The garage sent a tow truck initially, then came back with this 40 ton boom to try to lift the front. The farmer (see previous ditch lesson) came rumbling to the farm and shook his head at the whole situation – the location of the tractor, the operator of the tow truck, the boom and the hook.

No one got hurt. That’s the important part. But it was definitely embarrassing.


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