Full Row Harvest

And just like that nature turns on the heat at Memorial Day. The humidity never fails to surprise me and sap the energy out of walking the fields. It means summer is here for good, no more light frosts at night, and the hot weather seeds need to go in.

The spinach is now full sized with beautiful leaves the size of Texas. With another row coming up, I decided to pull up the 200 ft row. The thing about leaf vegetable is they are fragile and wilt immediately in the heat. The trick is to process immediately, and have a walk-in refrigerator. In our case, once you get it home, soak it in cold water for 30 minutes. The plants will be happy and the leaves crisp up! Try this next time you find sad-looking lettuce.

Most radishes are of decent size, between a gumball and a golf ball. It dawned on me that since they are over 60 days old (due to an unusually dry April) they should be pulled soon. Two days after the humidity swept in, I saw white radish “Ping Pong” bolt overnight. Whatever is left after this week will come out next week and the row will be cleared.026

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