Found, Lost, and Eaten

019This time of year, farm nights turn far chillier than city nights. The first question of the day is “how cold will it get tonight”. An early light frost ruined a lot of cayenne peppers last year, something I am trying to prevent this season. I’m also keeping a watchful eye on pumpkin progress, not that there’s much to be done except pray against frost and hurricanes. There are many immature squash as the vines and leaves brown and die out.

022I could have sworn I planted way too many blue hubbard squashes, giant blue winter squash with a rind as hard as a steel jacket. But they are nowhere to be found. Instead, I found Dan’s favorite, acorn squash, growing well this year.


New vegetables started in August are struggling to grow. I had purposely left this field open all summer to beat back bindweed starting in the field, so for the fall planting, this was a perfect plot. Though they made their way through the dry weeks with our once a week irrigation, survived the heat on black soil. but they were defenseless against deer and/or groundhog appetite. I put in some stakes, mounted a flashing solar lantern, a smiley-face beach ball, and some human-scented t-shirts.

026Must protect sugar snap peas!

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