Pick Your Own Snap Peas Event!

2017 vegetable season is beginning with a blast of sugar snap peas! They are about 4 feet high, and they are flush with pods. The four-day blast of heat had me worried, but luckily the plants made it through. The next 4 weekends will be prime sugar snap pea picking and we are posting hours for pick-your-own! Sat and Sun from 3-5pm: Jun 24, 25, July 1, 2, 8, 9. We might host a midweek event as well, stay tuned.


The early spring spinach is definitely over as you can see the plants bolting and forming copius flower heads. Those hot days and longer daylight (until summer solstice Jun 21) meant the plant is getting ready to set seeds.


The several rows of kale sprung up seemingly overnight. Since we don’t spray pesticides, the tiny beetles make holes here and there, though it doesn’t affect taste. I sowed the row without thinning, and it provides some shade and coolness to the soil at the roots.


What’s a farm update with strawberry pictures? I’ve had to improvise a cage to keep groundhogs from eating….. wait for it…. the leaves! They left the berries alone, but went to town on the leaves. Go figure.


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