Craptastic Weather

2020 either needs to fast forward, or we need a re-do. The second weekend of May and there’s a snow squall. It’s been many weeks of cold weather, with overnight frost warnings. 20200509_173602

Usually by mid-May, the tomato plants go into the ground to soak up nutrients and bask in the springtime sun. I can’t risk doing this yet until the overnight temperatures are over 45 degrees, so this doesn’t bode well for an early crop.

Usually by mid-May, spinach and lettuce are about 2 inches and we are happily hand weeding around the plants.

Usually by mid-May, the sugar snap peas are about 2 feet tall and have sent tendrils up, reaching for the sky.

Not yet. So I wait. I won’t give into the depressive sight of all this, because I just might need to artificially soak seeds in water, kept under a warm lamp to simulate the spring rains, and then hand-plant the germinated seeds one by one by next weekend. Ugh.

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