Hot and Heavy


Okra Flower


Okra Pods

Okra flowers are on their way out, and the pods are gigantic and inedible. Dan wanted to save some seeds for next year. Intuition told me that the dried pods on the stem were the ones to go for. Dan happily lopped off a few dozen, and split the pods by hand with the kid. Next year, I will see if we can turn tough okra into a bath louffa or callus scrubber.


Pumpkin Flower





Hidden in the last field, I stumbled over live pumpkin vines with flowers on them. Some pumpkins that were living too close to the edge rolled into the ditch that separates us from our neighbors. On a field that isn’t maintained, and apparently, with a gopher problem, I salvaged about a dozen mixed-size pumpkin, butternut, and squash. It will take a while to figure out what is what.



The cayenne and habanero chiles are in their glory at the end of the season. I could not let them wither on the plant and started harvesting the ripe ones. 3 pounds of cayenne and 2 pounds of habanero for the first haul is not too shabby. Now I have to figure out who can use them!



Besides the chiles, several herbs are also showing off. Parsley, oregano, thyme, sage, mint and dill were lush even without much rainfall in the past 2 weeks. The basil already went to seed.


Stinging Nettle Leaves


Stinging Nettle Bush in Flower

I spotted bunches of jagged green leaves near a patch of felled corn. The vibrant green leaves caught my attention. Then I recalled a foolhardy time thinking I found Lemon Verbena at a local park, only to pinch it hard and have it sting me back. It was stinging nettle, I’ve learnt my lesson.


Gopher Entry Point

Unlike urban legends, farm rumors are often true. I do believe this is a gopher hole.

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