Gatherers and Planters


A few weeks ago, I saw the tomatillos plants on the ground and shrugged it off.  The papery husk had gone brown and I had no expectations. Today, DH picked up a few and found they were still hard.  Talk about an accidental 5 pound harvest! There were probably many more to be found, but we stopped after a full crate.

Last week, I also saw some garlic on a side of the barn. I meant to investigate but didn’t get around to it.  I had mostly given up the idea since we were nowhere close to actually buying seeds and would miss the planting window.  As soon as Dan got to check it out, I was climbing down that ditch faster than a gopher to collect the garlic.  My conjecture is that a crate tipped and a bunch fell over. They were root side up and stem side down, lying softly atop yellowing weeds.  Some cloves had already split apart from the bulb and had grown fresh roots.  Eyeing a strip past the herbs, I cleared some weeds with a hoe, pulling at grass and amaranth with reckless abandon.  Dan helped to dig a 6 inch trench, and I began setting garlic cloves into the soil 6 inches apart. This little crooked 100-foot trench marks our first planting on the farm!

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