Back To Chill

The drying golden hues of grass has settled over the farm. While neighboring farmers have cleared their land and planted a cover crop for the winter, we are on the relaxed schedule. There are still many tomatillos to be collected here and there. Funny thing about the tomatillo husks, they smell bad. When you remove the husks, the tomatillos are slightly sticky. I dunk everything into a bowl of water with a little soap, and pull off the husks.


Nest of Tomatillo

With a bit of rain last week, the dill seeds sprouted and are attempting to carpet a portion of the herb row. I didn’t manage the dill properly this season, letting them flower and go to seed very early in July. But nature performed beautifully, shed seeds, and waited for the proper time to bring forth more.



A nice fall crop of brussels sprouts, which can survive some cold. These stalks are like the leaning tower of pisa. The top layer of bud growth is amazing, flowering into additional buds and shoots.

Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts

Sowing flowers in a row, truly a novice thing to do. The weeds towered 5 feet over them for the majority of the summer. Now the weeds have yellowed and dried, these flowers are getting its second breath of life. When alive, these plants are resinous and sticky. It is no fun to pick the flower without gloves.



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