Start’em Up Spring 2015

Garlicking in 2015

Garlicking in 2015

The farm is waking up from the depths of single-digit temperatures. The crates of winter squashes stored in the cabin had definitely frozen rock hard, and then thawed and deflated. There was squash juice everywhere. It was not a pretty sight. We never got around to doing any machine maintenance in the winter. When the tractor roared back to life, Dan said “That’s one amazing piece of equipment there.”

The first sprouting of garlic tells me the race is about to begin. We are not anywhere near ready for this season. This winter we made an unexpected move out of NYC to CT. It was shocking how quickly we decided, packed, moved, unpacked, and adapted to new town new school, new job, and new commutes.

But nevermind all that. As the last frost date for Warwick edges closer, it is time to focus on the dirt, seeds and weeds. Are you ready?

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