How to: Plant Beans

We went from a long, cold, snowy winter to a short, dry spring.  Over the weekend, a tinge of humidity hung in the air, reminding me how hot summer in the fields can be. But today was a good day to plant and the general warmth made me think to plant green beans.

Planting is relatively easy with a precision seeder but walking a straight line is a real challenge. I mark the ends of the row with tall stakes, and try to walk toward it without letting the uneven terrain take over. You have to trust that the seeder is doing its job dispensing at the correct rate and depth so you can keep your eyes on the stake. I do often look down though, and am much like a little kid at a carnival watching prizes come out of chutes, feel very impressed with myself that this whole get up works.

Learning from last year, string beans are to be harvested quickly and regularly. They are only good for about 2 weeks before they get tough. Though I love string beans, there’s no way to harvest at that rate on our schedule. So this year I am planting shorter rows, but will try for succession planting every few weeks.

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