Rain Rain Come Again

Flowering Chives

Flowering Chives

There has been little rain, though the chives don’t seem to mind and are ridiculously lush. I transplanted several plants by a foot in an attempt to straighten out the bowed row from last year. During the transplant, I split some large clumps into smaller groups.



The humidity today was a complete surprise as there has not been very much rain. I had meant to prune and clean up the sage, oregano, thyme and mint, but never did. So the oregano is ready to harvest.


Spinach variety “Flamingo”

These rabbit-ear looking leaves will grow into spinach, a new vegetable for the farm. This variety is “flamingo”, which yields dark green leaves in the cooler months of spring and fall. Like lettuce, most spinach will bolt in hot weather. This variety matures in 37 days, and we planted 2 rows on 4/25. At the end of May, I see a lot of saag paneer and spinach quiches in my future.

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