The Great ‘Scape

Good news, garlic scapes are here! Bad news, I lost the exact sequence of the garlic varieties. I jotted the list on at least 2 places last season, but cannot find them. I laid them out geographically, with French, German, Italy, Spain, and following up with Eastern European and Russian varieties, but it so irks me that after all the work to plan out the varieties, I lose the page! No matter, garlic scape sautee all month! People have told me about scape pesto sauce….. I will have to try that.

Garlic Scapes 2015

Garlic Scapes 2015

These radishes had an arid beginning, but filled out beautifully in the last week with the humidity. Milo loved checking for radish tops and pulling them. Have to say I despise them raw. However, they are great when sauteed with olive oil, garlic, and salt. It carmelizes to a slight sweetness, loses the bitter pepperiness, and has a great texture. Split into quarters, and cook on med-hi heat for about 5 minutes or until the centers become translucent and you can press a fork into it.

Easter Egg Radishes

Easter Egg Radishes

A little late in the season, but we finally got the tomato plants in the ground. Unfortunately I didn’t find the yellow ones from last season that everyone loved, so we’re trying some new varieties.

  • Grape Tomatoes: Tami, Juliet, Yellow
  • Cherry Tomatoes
Tomato Transplants

Tomato Transplants

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