Thoughts of Spring

There was one big ‘ole blizzard in Jan 2016, then it was warm again. (I’m pretty sure the scallions and daikon radishes at the farm are still growing.) This winter was completely different from the polar vortex of 2014 (remember that dreadful term) and snow-every-3 days of 2015.

Spring is so far yet so near, a fact made obvious by the seed catalogues arriving en masse. What will be the vegetable lineup this year? What will we try this year? what have we learned from the last two seasons?

  1. If it’s indeed a warmer spring, start seeding cool weather crops in early April (radish, kale, lettuce, sugar snap peas)
  2. Re-establish the herb area (chives, dill, cilantro)
  3. Seed shorter lengths every 2 weeks to reduce bulk harvest and establish continuous crops

In anticipation of 2016 growing season!


Easter Egg Radishes


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