Middlemarch-ing to an Early Start

Fuhgeddabout the California drought, it has been dry here too folks. Mid March and not much rain. I hemmed and hawwed about a bit of rain during the week and decided not to go ahead and rent that excavator to dig out some drainage ditches. Instead, Dan tackled some tractor maintenance.


Note the helpful warning signs on the engine? I did notice some exposed wires and had I not been distracted by plants, would have hunted down some black electrical tape and wrapped all those wires. Do you think I should turtle wax the tractor? (New info for me, people DO indeed wax their tractors.)

Here are the garlic sprouts, heralding the start of 2016 growing season. They asiatic garlic types sprouted very early, around November, and then the cold may have damaged it. I saw browned dead-looking plants, but maybe it will recover still.

A couple runs on the tractor and I was able to plant seeds! The soil was dry, fluffy, and ready for the season. It took me more time to walk back and forth to position stakes, lay out the mason line and adjust the length, than to actually seed the 3 rows.

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