Woodchuck and the Pea

As summer solstice approaches, all seeds for the summer season are in the ground, biding time, The chance for do-over rows or replanting diminish. Now it’s a test of stamina against the weeds. This season I have taken a no weeds approach between the rows of plants, logging tractor time and tilling very close to the seedlings. But it is not an optimal solution as it leaves soil bare and wind erosion is a real problem. I haven’t yet found a solution – although I am seriously thinking of driving the pickup truck with the door open, and bolt a cultivator to the undercarriage.


I counted 6 sugar snap peas, and looking forward to the first small bag next week. Then there will be at least 6 weeks of 50lb crates coming home every week. It’s a popular pick-your-own veggie and I will need all hands on deck.


Nibbled, but not too bad

Uninvited visitors helped themselves to these sweet tasting pea tendrils. I tried some of the garnish pea leaves and can’t say I blame the critter. This morning, I watched a family of three deftly time traffic on our road. The “mom” stood up, looked around, probably feeling for vibrations of cars on the road. When it was all clear, she crossed the road and two “teenagers” followed shortly after. Then they began to feast on some wild weeds (good) and started toward our fields (bad).

Alas no picture this time, but we did a mobile irrigation exercise by putting a water barrel on top of a tractor implement, hooking up a gas-powered pump, and me walking behind with a garden hose to spray at the roots of plants. It worked well enough, maybe we can do it again next week!

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