Peas and Beans

It poured twice this week and everything is come up peas. I think I can hear the weeds clapping too. This Sat was also unseasonably cool, reaching about 70 under an overcast sky. Strange-weather season it is.
While the sugar snap peas continue their journey to the top of the trellis netting, I have to begin thinking about planting for fall already. Assuming 60 days to maturity, if I plant pea seeds in mid-July, it will start producing pods in mid-Sep and continue for about 3 weeks.
String beans among a mess of grass. The purple string beans turn green once cooked.
I had a few minutes to prepare a chalkboard sign so that Milo can have some fun and run a stand. No one stopped in yet, but we are not on a heavily traveled road.
Normally we grow a lot of sunflowers along the road, but this year, I wanted to deal with a bindweed problem creeping into the field. As we started pulling up garlic, I realized maybe our farm logo should be garlic instead. It’s now 4 weeks after cutting the garlic scapes, if I leave them in longer the cloves begin to separate, which affect storing over winter.
008Tomatoes are setting. Within two weeks, the plants really grew up and out. The next 2 weeks will be weeding, pruning and working on a support system for the vines.

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