Fruit and Root of the Summer

001We are starting to pull garlic and hanging it to dry in the barn. A fresh garlic is full of liquid and is amazingly great for … mosquito bites. (I swear by a garlic rub as soon as a mosquito bites. It stings a little so you know that the chemical compound, allicin, that lends garlic its antibacterial and antiviral potency is working. For me, the sting relieves the itch, and also reduces the inflammation and swelling.) Some of the garlic areas got weedy and grassy so require additional effort to dig and pull, that’s for next week.


The summer squash and zucchinis are upon us, this is fair warning that we will begin leaving squashes for friends, family, and enemies alike.

This is a view of the weedy ditch banks. Despite the drough-like summer, weeds are thriving just fine. I was aiming to buy a sickle bar mower this summer to deal with this, but our mentors just got one and I’m waiting to use their equipment.
I love beets, but this did not turn out to be a beet-friendly season. Here are the bull’s blood beets in all their purple glory. There is still another chance for fall beets, and I am waiting for a bit more rain before planting seeds.
Last few seasons, we dragged out large 4×12 metal fencing so that cucumbers have something to climb on. This year, I’ve planted seeds closer and will not bother with trellising or staking. They should form a nice tight mass of leaves which shade the ground and provide a bit of cover for the fruits.

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