Taking A Breather

It’s time to begin checking in on pumpkins and winter squashes. These baseball-sized pumpkins are cute and beloved by PTA’s for the fall. We start cutting them off the vine, and letting them cure in the sun to form a hard shell.

Okra plants continue to flower and form pods prolifically. As the plant ages, the leaf shape changes into thin finger-like leaves. It really was a good year for 50 feet of okra.

The weeds finally overpowered all the watermelon vines, so I went treasure hunting. I was not expecting a full cart of them though. These are heirloom, seeded watermelons. One type has yellow flesh, but I can’t seem to find them in the ones I crack open.

These first few weeks in September offers a view to the end of the season. The newly planted crops won’t have as much weed pressure this late in the season. We’re still waiting for a bunch of rain to fall from the sky to kickstart germination. Pumpkins need a few more weeks to fully ripen, so there isn’t much to do there. Usually this would be a good time to can and jar produce for the winter, but lacking a kitchen, I’ve been spared that task this season.

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