Watermel-yes Cante-nopes

All the upfront weeding, and watering during the drought is paying off in the form of old-fashioned, sugar baby watermelons. Using the plink/plunk flicking of watermelons, we determined this one was ripe enough to try. It has turned red throughout, has a crisp texture, and is sweet!

Canteloupes, on the other hand, fared well-enough on the sunny side. On the dark side touching the ground, they are experiencing some softening and rotting. Oops. With the last two rainy weeks, the moisture from the ground is taking a toll on the fruits. Growers need dry weather around harvest season, and often spread mulch under the fruits to keep it dry.

A good year for shiso leaves. These are lush and stand five feet tall. I have to try a stirfry and see if the flavor would be suitable as an alternative to spinach! There is a drink recipe to react shiso with lime juice, which turns a muddy brown infusion into a bright pink cocoction.

Nature’s checks and balances in action. Hornworm caterpillar edging along a tomato vine. Parasitic wasp larvi feeding on the caterpillar. If I look at the picture too long, it gives me the heebie jeebies.

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