Pumpkin Matrix


It most definitely is turning into pumpkin season on the farm.

023 Perhaps we are all living in a pumpkin matrix – I have no idea what crossed with what to form these yellow-green, ribbed-patterned, smooth-skinned pumpkins. I can’t wait to save these seeds and test what the next generation brings!028

We are hearing about a frost on Mon night, so that means we cut as many pumpkins as we can. Optimally, they would be covered for the frost night, then uncovered during the days to form its hard shell. Looking at the tinges of green, I’m not quite sure how many will make it. The best I can do is huddle them with the cured pumpkins on the perimeter.


White pumpkins. That’s all we got this year, but they are great!


Pumpkin beer brewers love the giant pumpkins.


Tatsoi rebounded from nibblers of the past few weeks.

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