Midas Touch

010A bit of frost and suddenly everything turns to gold. Warwick is a good 5 degrees below the coastal cities, though it’s not all that far. Those 5 degrees mark our transition to closing down the farm. It’s time to tractor over the weeds and clear the plots. Also, this year we picked up winter rye as a cover crop, which is grown in late fall as a way to prevent soil erosion.


014 Brussels sprout plant is loaded and toppled. I did not remove the top leaves this year, wondering if it does indeed result in smaller heads. This plant is fairly hardy and will tolerate quite a bit of frost until November.

017 What do you do when the stray horseradish roots from last year sprout and grow conspicuously where they should not be? Dig it up, wash, and garnish a bloody mary drink of course. They can become invasive so leaving even one small bit of root will quickly  turn into a horseradish patch the next season.

021Checking on the daikon radish! They can grow to 2 feet or more in prime conditions.


027With the bit of rain on Sat, some of the dry corn actually are sprouting on the cob. The ones I’ve collected are going into a dehydrator for a more thorough drying. Planting 3 types close together resulted in some interesting hybridized corn colors. One type was a red miniature popcorn seed, and it hybridized with the full-size to form a large all-red corn. This might just incentivize me to get a grain mill!

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