Fall Matrix

These pumpkins make me think of the matrix for some reason. Something about the square specks seem too digitally rendered.  Last year in our pumpkin patch, there were 4 pumpkins that looked like this. It wasn’t the “kakai”, a pumpkin that produces seeds without hulls – meaning there’s no white hard shell encasing the inner pumpkin seed. I saved the seeds and tried regrowing it.  The results generated a few of the possible strains that went into the hybrid – some white, some buff, some orange. Some had well defined lobes with long handles. Some were perfectly rotund in the middle and smooth with very fine veining on the rind. I will have to save some of these seeds and continue this breed.20171008_131653

On the opposite side of strange hybrids are these heirloom breeds. The Rouge vif d’Etampes, or the Cinderella pumpkin. Pink pumpkins are called Porcelain Dolls. Next year there were also be a blue pumpkin, and a light green pumpkin.

I didn’t quite finish this year’s barnside vegetable stand for Milo this year. Got busy learning to build things with a battery-powered, and awesome, miter saw. But I did get to set up a quick fall display for….

… the dry corn/indian corn/decorative corn! They grew beautifully and bountifully this year so that we’ll try our hand with a roadside market. Question is, who discovers this first – field mice, gophers, dear, or humans?

The various colors of indian corn varieties.


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