Summer Flush

001These okra flowers are a bit of tropics in the northeast. The pods can grow huge within a few days and the two-inch pod in the picture will probably become an eight-inch behemoth by Sat. They are edible raw, and when eaten this way, are not gooey. As the plants mature, the leaf shape changes and the lobes cut deeper into the center.

004Peppers are thriving and are now starting to fill out. I placed the plants in a zigzag pattern this year, hoping that as the plants get heavy and lean, they can support each other without the labor consuming time of staking.

007String beans. One of my favorite vegetables, blanched quickly and unseasoned as a snack. These purple variety “Royal Burgundy” are a treat to see.

010Oh my pride and joy, the melon that is. šŸ™‚

014This variety of honeydew is called “Honeywhite”. The center is super sweet, but it still has a thick rind. Another week for a couple of the big ones on the vine, and early Sep for the rest.

020Last year we lost the canteloupes to the one wet and humid week of the entire droughty summer. This year, we took no chances and put down a straw cradle for each and every melon.

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